Design: why applying for funding?

Designing a project involves defining a logical intervention aimed at realizing an innovative project idea through operational and temporal planning of the following activities:

  • Definition and analysis of the context (problem/need).
  • Identification of general and specific objectives.
  • Identification of project beneficiaries.
  • Definition of project activities.
  • Identification of expected outcomes.
  • Identification of necessary resources and means.
  • Establishing a timeline.

The ultimate purpose of the design process is to provide a concrete and achievable response to the real needs of citizens, in line with national and European objectives and priorities in terms of well-being, equality, economic and social growth, and territorial integration.

Specific grantsenable the reduction of costs associated with the development of ambitious and innovative entrepreneurial projects, promoting the creation of excellent collaborative networks, thus increasing competitiveness and adding value to businesses.

European, national, and regional funds constitute significant financial resources to support businesses and organizations and also contribute to the overall development of the territory by fostering cooperation and the exchange of good practices

Project Design Consultancy: From the Idea to the Project Proposal

Project Designing offers important opportunities to support the growth of companies in terms of innovation and cooperation, through the sharing of knowledge and skills that allow for the expansion of the company’s know-how and strategic partnership while also increasing its visibility. Our consultancy services on European  and other national and regional funding schemes are born from the desire to participate in the growth of new entrepreneurial ideas,thus bridging the gap between funding tools and businesses.

Our consultancy services provide professional support for obtaining European, national, or regional funding. With our experience and direct participation in numerous European and local projects, we share field-acquired expertise and support organizations and businesses in finding the appropriate tools to realize their projects, facilitating access to the multiple opportunities offered by funding programs.

We offer a customized support program based on mutual trust and providing continuous support for each phase of the design process. Starting from the project idea, we analyze and work together to define a winning strategy with the goal of realizing an innovative project with high potential for success. Based on specific needs and through a participatory approach that involves direct engagement with our clients, we identify the most suitable funding instruments and take care of the entire process of ideation, writing, and administrative management of the project.

Consulting and Custom Software Development

In close collaboration with the Research and Innovation Department, the Software Development Department at Social IT accompanies clients on their technological and digital innovation journey. With extensive experience in the IT industry, we offer consulting and customized software development services that we tailor to the needs of organizations and businesses, developing innovative ICT solutions designed specifically for each client.

For more information on our consulting and software development services, please visit our website:

Our funding consultancy services

Discover our consultancy services for European, national, and regional funds to bring your project idea to life through a customized support, tailored to your needs.

Search for funds

The monitoring European, national, and regional calls for proposals allows us to identify the most appropriate financing tool, in line with your thematic areas and objectives, based on criteria of excellence, innovation, and relevance. We begin with a feasibility analysis of the project idea.

Project writing

Once identified the suitable call for proposal, we take care of the entire process of preparing and submitting a high-quality application. This includes studying its feasibility, developing its objectives, preparing all required documentation: this process will ensure that the proposal meets high-quality standards.

Management and reporting

After the project approval, we provide support in managing the ongoing project and the obtained funding. This involves financial and administrative reporting activities to ensure the effective implementation of the project, in compliance with the agreement signed with the funding entity.