Project writing: European and National projects

Writing a high-quality project is a complex process that starts with a deep understanding of the requirements outlined in the identified call for proposals. It requires the ability to delve into complex concepts and ideas and re-elaborate them into a project proposal using an accessible and straightforward language, while following a logical structure.

Our project experience has allowed us to develop these professional skills and gain expertise in the field of project design. We offer this expertise to those who aspire to bring their own project ideas to life.

How to write a high-quality project

Once the most suitable call for proposals has been identified, we support the entire process of drafting the project proposal, offering our professional expertise to facilitate the writing and presentation of high-quality project proposals.

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From the idea to the project: where to start?

1. Support in understanding the call identified

Once we have identified the most suitable call for proposals for the project idea, we analyze its main points together in order to fully understand what is required and be able to highlight the added value of the project with respect to the requirements of the call for proposals. In particular, we offer support for:

  • Conducting a feasibility study;

  • Assess correlation with the call and the funding program;

  • Identify the key words of the call;

  • Identify the general and specific objectives required by the call;

  • Analyze the required documentation, including templates and any annex required.

2. Support in defining the project idea

We take care of the entire proposal preparation process by respecting the original project idea and verticalizing it to what is specifically required by the call. In particular, our co-design approach allows us to:

  • Define the reference context of the project idea;

  • Detail the project idea through brainstorming activities;

  • Define the general and specific objectives of the proposal in line with those of the call identified according to the Logical Framework Approach;

  • Structure the actions planned during the course of the project;

  • Schedule the activities over a defined time frame (timeline);

  • Quantify the financial resources needed to carry out the project activities (budget).

3. Support in defining the partnership

Many calls for proposals and funding programs, especially at the European level, require projects that are submitted by a strategic partnership involving different actors, including those from different countries, to implement high-impact projects. Where required, we provide our expertise and resources to:

  • Identify a partnership with a strategic number of partners and a winning geographic distribution in the case of international partnerships;

  • Define the matrix of skills required to cover all project activities according to criteria of relevance and excellence;

  • Contact our network, where relevant, to search for good and trusted partners and other stakeholders to ensure effective project dissemination;

  • Support the management of contacts with partners, national and/or international.

4. Project writing

The writing phase of the project proposal is carried out transparently, highlighting its strengths in response to the call for proposals and respecting the templates of the documentation to be submitted. The participatory approach adopted throughout the consultancy allows us to embrace the overall vision of the project and expose it in the proposal at the drafting stage effectively. 

Writing a project proposal requires:

  • A high standard of quality in writing the proposal based on the call text and on the structure of the application template;

  • Focus on the linguistic aspects;

  • The preparation of all required documentation, including annexes and administrative documents;

  • The definition of the project budget on the basis of the timeline.

5. Quality check

Competitiveness in the world of funding is extremely high, and the writing of project proposals has a considerable level of complexity. Therefore, the project proposal must be carefully planned and made successful through constant quality control on the entire documentation and particularly with regard to the following elements:

  • The content: the project idea must be clearly outlined and has to follow the guidelines provided in the application template so as to highlight its relevance to the call for proposals;

  • The language: both in Italian and English, the text must be fluent and easy to read for future reviewers;

  • The structure: the proposal should follow a logical framework that links the project objectives to the strategies and activities planned to pursue them. The abstract is an effective business card that allows these aspects to be highlighted from the project’s outset. Consistency must then be maintained throughout the proposal.

6. Application process

There is a lot of bureaucracy involved in the submission process of project proposals. Our support to the application process includes:

  • Management of the communication with the funding agency (when applicable);

  • The check of the administrative information to be provided;

  • Proposal submission through the channels indicated by the call for proposals.

Our funding consultancy services

Discover our consultancy services for European, national, and regional funds to bring your project idea to life through a customized support, tailored to your needs.

Search for funds

The monitoring European, national, and regional calls for proposals allows us to identify the most appropriate financing tool, in line with your thematic areas and objectives, based on criteria of excellence, innovation, and relevance. We begin with a feasibility analysis of the project idea.

Project writing

Once identified the suitable call for proposal, we take care of the entire process of preparing and submitting a high-quality application. This includes studying its feasibility, developing its objectives, preparing all required documentation: this process will ensure that the proposal meets high-quality standards.

Management and reporting

After the project approval, we provide support in managing the ongoing project and the obtained funding. This involves financial and administrative reporting activities to ensure the effective implementation of the project, in compliance with the agreement signed with the funding entity.