Search for funds

Finding the appropriate funding opportunity for your project idea is the first step to access the needed resources to make your project real. However, searching for funding can often be challenging, it is time-consuming and requires a well-defined methodology. There are many aspects to consider when evaluating the suitable funding tool for your project idea, and there are several European and national funding calls available across different sectors. Additionally, it is always essential to consider the interdisciplinarity of the different funding programs, thus exploring different fields beyond your primary area of intervention.

How to find the right funding for your project

Through our search for funds service, we support you in finding the most suitable solution for specific needs through a co-design process and direct exchange with our clients.

Contact us for a pre-assessment of your project idea

First contact

To find the suitable funding program for your project, it is important to have a clear overview of the project and understand the needs and objectives of our clients. The first contact is therefore crucial to ensure quality consulting services. During the first meeting the client presents its project idea (subject to a confidentiality agreement): we analyze it to assess its potential and identify the most relevant thematic areas. A preliminary evaluation of the project idea allows the optimization of time and resources to be allocated for potential funding research.

For years, we have been conducting scouting of funding opportunities, through which we are able to:

  • Provide a pre-evaluation of the project idea;
  • Identify the main thematic areas of intervention;
  • Assess the potential for success in the funding search;
  • Propose possible macro-funding opportunities (European funds and other national and regional grants).

Monitoring of European, national, and regional calls for proposals

We provide a continuous and constant monitoring/scouting service for currentand upcoming European, national, and regional calls for proposals. We search funding opportunities based on specific areas and development lines, according to criteria of excellence, innovation, and relevance. The scouting service includes:

  • Identification of relevant calls for proposals and programs;
  • Preparation of periodic reports that include key information about the identified calls for proposals;
  • Sharing of reports and ongoing communication with our clients to discuss the relevance of the identified opportunities to the project idea and define the next steps.

How to find the right call for proposal?

Among the many available opportunities, it is important to identify calls for proposals aligned with the objectives identified in the project idea. There are many sources of information and in-depth events that facilitate the identification of the right call for proposals. In the service we offer, we include activities aimed at:

  • Monitoring and notifying webinars, info days, and brokerage events that may be of interest and relevant to the research;
  • Encouraging networking opportunities;
  • Thoroughly evaluating the identified funding opportunities;

We assist the client in the decision-making process among multiple potential opportunities by analyzing and planning the company’s medium and long-term priorities.

Our funding consultancy services

Discover our consultancy services for European, national, and regional funds to bring your project idea to life through a customized support, tailored to your needs.

Search for funds

The monitoring European, national, and regional calls for proposals allows us to identify the most appropriate financing tool, in line with your thematic areas and objectives, based on criteria of excellence, innovation, and relevance. We begin with a feasibility analysis of the project idea.

Project writing

Once identified the suitable call for proposal, we take care of the entire process of preparing and submitting a high-quality application. This includes studying its feasibility, developing its objectives, preparing all required documentation: this process will ensure that the proposal meets high-quality standards.

Management and reporting

After the project approval, we provide support in managing the ongoing project and the obtained funding. This involves financial and administrative reporting activities to ensure the effective implementation of the project, in compliance with the agreement signed with the funding entity.